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  • The King Of Fruit

    The King Of Fruit

    If you’re watching your weight, it’s worth considering mangoes because they’re virtually fat-free. Even though they’re infused with a natural sweetness, an entire fruit has [...]

  • Redeem Voyager Miles On Mango

    Redeem Voyager Miles On Mango

    Mango will accept Voyager miles as a flight payment method with immediate effect. Voyager members will be able to redeem miles against flight purchases through [...]


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  • Mango Juice in December

    Mango Juice in December

    Finally it’s December. We are so ready for sundrenched days on the beach, cocktails at sunset, a road trip to our beautiful hinterland, and lots of time spent with family and friends. [...]

  • Mmmmm mangoes!

    Mmmmm mangoes!

    If we could peg just one food, capable of conjuring December-holiday nostalgia, it has to be the king of fruits, the decadent mango. Plonk yourself [...]

  • Win a 2013 Golf 7 worth R265,000

    Win a 2013 Golf 7 worth R265,000

    Draw date: 6 December 2013

    There’s something right about driving a Golf 7! We think it’s the hottest car of the year. Enter and win on Justplay – for FREE!

  • Mango Rolls Out New Seats

    Mango Rolls Out New Seats

    Mango has upped the ante on leg room domestically as the airline’s new seat rollout commenced in August. The new seats will replace the carrier’s [...]

  • August Rush

    August Rush

    If you are serious about savings and don’t want to compromise quality for a great deal, TodaysStuffInc can offer you just that! Fantastic products at [...]

  • G-Connect In-Flight WI-FI

    G-Connect In-Flight WI-FI

    Remember that you can stay in touch while you are cruising at 30 000 feet. With Mango’s G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi service you can send and receive [...]

  • Mango Juice in August

    Mango Juice in August

    AUGUST IS WOMEN’S MONTH IN SOUTH AFRICA. Females are making their mark in all industries and have become major drivers of trends. According to the [...]

  • Mango adds two new aircraft

    Mango adds two new aircraft

    Mango’s capacity will increase by over 30 weekly flights when it introduces two new Boeing 737-800 aircraft to its fleet in August. The airline’s new [...]